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Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace is a European youth umbrella organization and sister organization of IOGT International, gathering 32 organizations from 22 different European countries. Founded in 1990, the organization engages more than 25 000 young people, united in promoting and practicing a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs and ensuring free, safe and inclusive environment for young people and children.

Member Organisations

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Member organisations

Free Youth of Albania

Albania, Tirana


Minsk, Belarus

Udruženje za promociju zdravih životnih stilova– LINK

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Juvente Finland

Inari, Finland

Juvente Germany

Erlangen, Germany

Null Prosent

Reykjavik, Iceland

Associazione Italiana dei Club Alcologici Territoriali


Center for Mental Education

Riga, Latvia

The Edge


IOGT Youth Federation Russia

Novgorod, Russia

Junior- og barneorganisasjonen JUBA

Trondheim, Norway

IOGT Poland

Bytom, Poland

IOGT Youth Federation Russia

Novgorod, Russia

Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund (NSF)

Stockholm, Sweden

IOGT-NTOs Juniorförbund

Stockholm, Sweden

Juvente Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Active UK


Free Youth of Albania

Albania, Tirana

Centar za edukaciju mladih – CEM

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Tartu, Estonia

UNF Finland

Vaasa, Finland

KIM – Kinder im Mittelpunkt


Ungmennaregla IOGT

Reykjavik, Iceland


Riga, Latvia

Baltu Ainiai

Vilnius, Lithuania

Centre for Youth Work – Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

Juvente Norway

Oslo, Norway

Dunare EDU. Romania



Skopje, Macedonia

Nezávislá organizácia mladých – NOM Slovakia

Šala – Veca, Slovakia

UNF Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Kinder im Mittelpunkt (KIM) Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Youth Temperance Movement “Better

Kiev, Ukrain


''NEET Participation'' project in Slovakia!

Perfect event organized by young active people from Slovakia! It was a lot of fun and many discussions on NEETs, SDGs and Agenda 2030. Excellent team work and ideas for improving NEETs situation in the world.

NEET- Not in Education, Employment or Training.

#NEETs #Inclusion #EYF
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''NEET Participation'' in Sweden!

See what happened last Friday in Stockholm! Young people met up to present the topics related to NEETs. Problem of young people who are out of Employment, Education system or Training was presented in the context of alcohol use and addictions that are obsticles on the way to individual and social development. The local event was organized in a nice atmosphere with alcohol free drinks and vegan food.

Looking forward to more activities like this and discussions about NEETs in Sweden!
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