And now, while standing in a crossroads, I think of which way should I walk my life…

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It is not always easy to follow your dreams when the dreams you have are also the biggest fears you carry. What my heart desires, what do I ache for – this is something that not so many of us will ever have the courage to question ourselves.
Time was passing by, year by year would go away and somewhere deep inside I would keep my dream locked and just focus on today, living, surviving for the moment. But is that all we want from life? To have security, stability and maybe a job you don’t really like but it helps to survive. And I knew that is not me, I am keen for more.
A while ago I start to share my ideas with people. Rehabilitation for empowering women that have reached a level of no self-esteem by the consequences, they use supplements to fulfil life, in conclusion end up with other life-controlling problems. Rehabilitation that can set free from addiction and help build a new foundation in life, would help to become healthy members of society, feeling useful and being able to be productive. The rehabilitation would be based on the 12 steps program, referring on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Treatment would be based on 12 steps program: group meeting, talking about the problems and challenges, having daily routine working inside the rehabilitation – having duties to do. Additionally, I would include arts as a way of healing internal scars and setting people free from addiction. I believe art is a powerful tool to help women see beauty again, and soften what has became so sharp, using tools such as painting, music, dance. Inviting people to lecture once a week on a different subjects is also a successful method of treatment.

What is it like to be an addict? None of us can really understand if we have never been one ourselves. But why do people tend to be addicted to things, to people, relationships, places and so many other different things? What are we made of, that we want to be part of something and when we don’t find it, we stick to addiction in whatever form it would be? So many people are not aware that they are addicted to something until that something is gone or shaken. To help people that are addicted to drugs is not an easy job, but someone has to do it in order to help peoples life’s to be changed.

I’m working in Active’s office for one year and it’s great to see the connections that IOGT International has with the rehabilitation centres. Recently I talked to Germany IOGT-International Rehab leader, we had a friendly chat about my ideas and the vision that I have for opening a Women’s Rehab. I think it’s always wise to talk with someone experienced that has been through this journey and has experience to share. The most important thing from what I understood during his years of work is that the greatest skill you need to have is listening, understanding the need of a person. On the same day, in the evening, I had another call from a Rehabilitation centre based in Lithuania, from the person who is running the rehab on his own. Once again I shared my vision and dream with him, and his suggestion is for me to come to my homeland, Lithuania, and work with them for a while. As a Christian believer, for me in order to know if it’s a dream from God, because I strongly believe he puts dreams into our heart and life, that we would become what we were created to be. I do accept this dream from him that he set into my heart. I need to step into it and see.

The rehabilitation leader from Lithuania told me: “Come and live with us, talk to the women in rehab, look how the program works and see if you will still be passionate about opening the rehab in the future”.

And now, while I stand in a crossroads, I think of which way should I walk my life…

Today, the biggest question for me is: will I be able to push myself and achieve what I have been wanting for so long? Will I accept the challenge, make that one significant step towards my dreams? Today, I seek for wisdom and knowledge when I make those steps. And what do you seek in life?

By: Greta Mauricaite

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