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Changes in ACTIVE

Dear friends, Please find attached the letter from the ACTIVE board indicating suggestions to human and structural changes in the Active. As indicated in the letter, the Board is open for any

And now, while standing in a crossroads, I think of which way should I walk my life…

It is not always easy to follow your dreams when the dreams you have are also the biggest fears you carry. What my heart desires, what do I ache for - this is something that not so many of us will

ZIM – Report of Monitoring Alcohol Marketing by young people in Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Poland and Ukraine.

Zoom in Media Project was a very ambitious project, it was not only to gather research results, it was also educate young people about the effects of alcohol marketing on drinking behavior and

ACTIVE Congress 2016 – Grudek nad Dunajcem, Poland

Dear readers, The ACTIVE Congress took place in Grudek nad Dunajcem, Poland, July 26th to 28th 2016. During the Congress new plan of action and strategic plan were adopted together with Actives