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The Active’s vision is a democratic, diverse and peaceful world, where each individual can live up to their full potential. Alcohol and other drugs are recognized as direct hinders of young people’s potential and as factors influencing family life, children’s rights, social inclusion, youth unemployment, democracy, violence against women and girls, as well as creation of sustainable environments.

Active’s work focuses on stimulating the potential of young people through promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs and creating free, safe and inclusive environment for young people and children

Alcohol is the second largest risk factor for desease burden in Europe, causing more than 60 diseases and illnesses?

2/3 of cases of domestic violence are direclty linked with use of alcohol

10 000 people die every year in traffic accidents caused by alcohol usage

Direct costs of crime caused by alcohol yearly in the EU are 33 000 000 000 Euro

NEET Inclusion

This project NEET inclusion focuses on full and meaningful participation of young people in decision-making processes including creation of opportunities for underrepresented groups of young people. The work plan targets young people NOT in employment, education and training (NEETs). Due to their absence from basic societal systems such as work, schools, vocational institutions, the chances of reaching out to them, having their input and providing services for them is more demanding. That is why they often fallout from the usual outreach of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), despite the fact that it is youth organizations that should involve NEETs.


''NEET Participation'' project in Slovakia!

Perfect event organized by young active people from Slovakia! It was a lot of fun and many discussions on NEETs, SDGs and Agenda 2030. Excellent team work and ideas for improving NEETs situation in the world.

NEET- Not in Education, Employment or Training.

#NEETs #Inclusion #EYF
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''NEET Participation'' in Sweden!

See what happened last Friday in Stockholm! Young people met up to present the topics related to NEETs. Problem of young people who are out of Employment, Education system or Training was presented in the context of alcohol use and addictions that are obsticles on the way to individual and social development. The local event was organized in a nice atmosphere with alcohol free drinks and vegan food.

Looking forward to more activities like this and discussions about NEETs in Sweden!
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